A New Age for Improved Learning

Broaden Classroom Instruction

Dooley Educations Solutions goes beyond standard video observation toolkits with full-service, turn-key classroom camera implementation. Depend on our state-of-the-art classroom recording solutions, virtual access, and comprehensive support, to elevate learning, performance and student behavior in your school district.

Professional Learning

Coaching. Using video to provide a new perspective for collaboration and teacher self-reflection.

Virtual Learning

No more missed instruction. Students can access classroom lessons anytime-anywhere.

Safety, Security & Discipline

Protection for all. Students and teachers feel safer knowing the facts are recorded and available for review.

Teachers improve through use of classroom video.

Teachers collaborate and find ways to improve while reviewing their performance and student response.

Administrators can offer helpful input and accurate evaluations after observing teachers in action.

In a safer classroom environment, teachers can focus more on education and less on discipline.

Student engagement improves when they have ‘anytime, anywhere’ video access.

Students avoid falling behind when they can review the parts of lessons they didn’t ‘get’ originally.

It’s easy to access lessons otherwise missed due to sick days or severe-weather school closings.

Parents and tutors can review class lessons to better guide students in their homework.

Classroom discipline and safety improve when cameras monitor and deter disruptions.

Awareness of cameras in the classroom becomes a deterrent to class interruptions and cheating.

When teachers press an alert button, administrators can instantly view a threatening situation.

Administrators have a clear, definitive record of any classroom incidents or disputes.

"The reflection that I did myself, when I videoed, offered me more opportunity for growth than anything an outsider could do for me. Watching my kids, what went on in my room, how I handled it, and things I said—that was more important than any sit-down that I could have with anybody [else]. ”

– Best Foot Forward teacher, North Carolina (2013) 1View the quote in the Video Observation Tool Kit by CEPR, Harvard University. Best Foot Forward Project: Leveraging Video for Learning (PDF)

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