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Daniel Dooley

Daniel Dooley has been in the education technology industry for over 20 years. Always on the leading edge of new technologies, Daniel founded or partnered three different EdTech ventures that successfully obtained measurable benefits for students, teachers and administrators.

Daniel has roots that run deep in sports. The son of a football coach, Daniel grew up watching athletes at all levels and became interested in what truly made players great. It became clear that the players who kept their focus on continuous improvement were much more likely to reach their potential. These players welcomed feedback from their coaches, and used video daily to identify the specific areas that need improvement.

Daniel was also surrounded by many coaches, and quickly realized that the best coaches were not always the smartest “X and O” coach. Instead, they were the best “teachers” that could effectively communicate their message to the players to help a player maximize their full potential.

The film room, after a practice or a game, was the place where the real “teaching” took place. Coaches and players would watch the film together to discuss and analyze every move, and then go back on the practice field and correct the mistakes. “Watching the film” truly gave players and coaches the competitive advantage and allowed the player to improve at a much faster pace.

Surrounded by educators and steeped in sports values, Daniel began to envision a sports influenced model in the academic setting. When applied to improving education quality, he believes, the implementation of video observation and feedback is a game changing decision for school districts, as it will rapidly improve student and teacher performance.

Technology moved fast in sports, from 8MM to Beta to VHS to Digital, and is moving fast in the classroom as well. Daniel has been on the forefront and continues to stay on the cutting edge of high-tech applications in education.

Daniel knows that film study, teamwork, and practice-makes-perfect are all values that define a winning team. Those same core values, along with a keen intuition for new technology, form the foundation that drives Dooley Education Solutions’ advanced product development and ongoing customer relationships.

Brent Coleman

Brent Coleman began his career nearly two decades ago in Atlanta working in the sports industry that led to directing ticket sales and marketing for the Atlanta Falcons. That’s where he met Daniel Dooley in 2004.

Brent was fascinated by what Daniel left the Falcons to do – to provide high-tech resources to help children learn. Ready for a new and interesting challenge of his own, Brent switched gears and immersed himself in learning everything about the needs in education and nex-gen solutions.

When Daniel started Dooley Education Solutions, Brent was excited to once again join him to launch a new venture focusing on the numerous benefits of cameras in the classroom. With his own extensive sports background, Brent knew that being able to review strengths and weaknesses led to improvements that gave coaches and athletes a winning edge. Classroom teachers should have the same advantage.

Soon after, when his own children missed school with a sickness, Brent realized that missing a class for even a day or two could put a student behind. He began to share Daniel’s vision for a school camera system that would make recorded lessons available online – and help teachers become high-performers.

“In sports, athletes and their coaches learn to improve performance by observing the player on video,” observes Brent Coleman. “Why aren’t more teachers benefiting from this amazing tool?”

As their new video offerings took shape, they worked together in promoting the benefits of a system that would take the ‘cameras in the classroom’ to the next phase. Brent has helped superintendents and school board members think in terms of future funding and implementation strategies for a technology that is clearly destined to become widespread.

“ The most effective evaluation we get is from someone who teaches our subject; a peer is going to give that.”

– Best Foot Forward teacher, North Carolina (2013)1View the quote in the Video Observation Tool Kit by CEPR, Harvard University. Best Foot Forward Project: Leveraging Video for Learning (PDF)

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