Bring Into Play Virtual Coaching

Cameras in the classroom open up instruction to observation, collaboration and feedback.


Observing self-taped lessons allows teachers the ability press pause and ponder.

Peer Collaboration

Instructional advice opportunities in which teachers grow through formative, low-stakes feedback.

Virtual Coaching

Video technology makes it possible to connect teachers with virtual experts in their own subject areas.

During Evaluation

A well-designed process can actually give teachers more control over what administrators see.

Video Library

Build a pedagogical video library that helps establish a common vision of excellence in practice.

Virtual Learning

Teachers share selected recorded lessons so students can watch and review anytime-anywhere.

What To Expect

Every school district maintains unique specifications, budgets and initiatives. Districts and school leaders who take a thoughtful approach to implementing video technology in the classroom turn to Dooley Education Solutions. We help schools proactively address all issues, including technical installation, program recommendations and on-going support. From small pilot programs to new school construction, Dooley Education Solutions is on your team.



Start with a simple interface.

Classroom video is no longer about just hooking up a passive camera. It’s about having total control in real time from any web-enabled device to record, archive, access and share video. Our powerful, yet simple software, ensures video recording supplements teachers work without adding undue stress, confusion, and wasted time.

Discover full viewing potential

Take advantage of the latest generation of high-definition, 360-degree cameras for clarity and flexibility. The dynamic camera view can be adjusted to record just the teacher, classroom quadrants, panoramic or fisheye perspectives.

Benefit from low-cost, online cloud storage.

You don’t need to buy, store and maintain expensive servers to archive video files. Dooley Education Solutions integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom and Microsoft OneDrive.


Choose the right integrated system.

Our turn-key technology includes a ‘Security Stream’ only option or the ‘Instructional Stream’ where the teacher is in command. Dooley Education Solutions has the experience to employ the right hardware and software for your purposes.


Launch with confidence.

Assessing readiness and designing an effective initiative ensures success and minimizes the impact of challenges schools might face during the start-up process. Dooley Education Solutions will guide you on the best path for implementing video in the classroom.

"Sometimes I’ve been in evaluations where I’m like, “You saw that? What are you talking about? I have no idea what you’re saying,” but because of video, that was absent from our discussion. "

– Best Foot Forward teacher, Georgia (2014) 1View the quote in the Video Observation Tool Kit by CEPR, Harvard University. Best Foot Forward Project: Leveraging Video for Learning (PDF)

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